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Green Legal Consulting is an important partner of our legal team. They’re very professional, competent and experienced. They help to summarize medical records in difficult medical cases and can conduct medical research to assist us in case investigation. I’d say that without their expertise, things could get very messy very fast for us. Cannot imagine working on medical cases without them.

Richard Simas, Esq.
NY 11743

I am completely satisfied with the services provided by GreenLegal.net. They offer invaluable assistance in assessing liability and damages for all our medical malpractice cases. I used to work with another company but I have found that Green Legal Consulting LLC is far more effective and efficient. Your customer service is first class!

Joyce Patt
Rochelle Park,
NJ 07662

Green Legal Consulting LLC plays a very vital role for us in the screening and analysis of cases for merit. They provide a crucial service of reviewing, organizing and interpreting medical records to identify key areas of our cases. They are very good in what they do and we trust them. It’s always a pleasure working with them. I’m pleased to commend them highly.

James Gray
Gray and Associates, P.C.
New York,
NY 10016


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