Consulting Services

A consultant listening to her clientGreen Legal Consulting LLC is a full service consulting company providing services for plaintiff/defense firms, educational facilities, and insurance companies, including but not limited to:

  • Screening and analysis of cases for merit
  • Review, interpret and summarize medical records
  • Organize and summarize medical records
  • Identify critical omissions in Delivery of Care
  • Summarize records with time-line chronologies and reports to identify key areas of your case
  • Reveal medical record tampering and missing documents
  • Identify non-compliant conduct
  • Identify and analyze possible causation, contributing factors, and key people
  • Assist with discovery, interrogatories, depositions, trial preparation
  • Preparation of Expert Witnesses
  • Determine policies and procedures significant to case
  • Identify standards of care and any deviations from those standards of care
  • Research and translate applicable medical literature Attendance, observe, and report on independent medical exams, defense medical exams, if needed [IME/DME]
  • Detailed reports and affidavit
  • Presentations on healthcare issues
  • Indexing, tabbing, and binding of medical records

10 Reasons Why Using a Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) on Your Cases is a Win-Win Situation for the Lawyer and the LNC

  1. The LNC is a trained healthcare professional whose knowledge and years of experience given that lawyer a winning edge over competitors
  2. ‚ÄčThe LNC understands and can translate medical jargon
  3. The LNC has a vast network of other professionals and can make finding the attorney an expert witness quickly and cost-effective especially when time is of essence
  4. Having a legal nurse consultant on your side makes you look totally put together, organized, and gives you a positive image that you pulled out all the stops for your client
  5. An LNC is more cost-effective then using a physician to view your charts for merit
  6. A legal nurse consultant can go to doctor visits with your clients (IME) and report back to you what was said and what was done to your client and any other interaction that happened between the physician and said patient
  7. A legal nurse consultant can do chart reviews and assess the chart for merit, thus, saving the attorney time and money
  8. An LNC can do chronological and timelines thus allowing the attorney to know step by step the treatment provided or not provided to the client, those individuals who treated and did what to said client
  9. An LNC is current in the changing laws and practices. Thus, saving the attorney countless hours of researching cases and findings
  10. By utilizing years of experience as a professional in the healthcare field legal nurse consultants know exactly what to look for when reviewing a case (i.e. medical discovery, deviations from standard of care (SOC). Thus, saving the attorney many hours trying to translate what something means

What does a LNC do?

  • Educates attorneys regarding medical facts and issues relating to case or claim
  • Collaborates with attorneys in preparing interrogatories, deposition, and trial outlines, queries for direct and cross examination, and document production requests
  • Identifies ad determines damage3s and related costs of services, prepares chronologies of medical events and correlates them to allegations
  • Assist with depositions and trials, including developing exhibits, assists in obtaining medical records and identifying missing records and identifying missing records, identifies standards of care, causation and damage issues
  • Helps determine the merits of a case, screens for record tampering, conducts research and summarizes medical literature, organizes medical records and other medically- related litigation materials
  • Conducts client interviews
  • Locates and procures demonstrative evidence researches and identifies expert witnesses, acts as a liaison with attorneys, physicians and clients


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